Our Stories

About Rom & Cozy:

Wear what you love - that’s our motto!

Rom & Cozy was founded by two friends at a burger joint in New York City. They wanted to bring fresh and fun designs to fellow book lovers. Because - while there were so many online t-shirt stores for geek, pop culture, comic books, sci-fi and other cult fandoms - they couldn’t find much that represented what they loved.

So if you like your tees the way you like your books - fun and snarky and a little literary - welcome to the Rom & Cozy community!



About the Founders:

Edwina (Rom) and Lucy (Cozy) met in boarding school. There were bars on the windows, ugly army surplus uniforms, and an entry/exit program that would have done a prison warden proud. The girls started talking over ice cream at dinner one night and haven’t stopped since. 

After leaving school, they started lives on different continents. Edwina stayed in Australia and Lucy jetted off to the USA - stopping off in Italy where she acquired her wonderful hubby. In ten years, they wore many hats - start-up hopefuls, finance flunkies, and non-profit do-gooders.

They kept talking through all these changes. About their lives, their hopes, their disappointments, the movies they liked, the books they loved. A lot about the books they loved. So perhaps it isn’t that strange that fifteen years later, Rom & Cozy was born.